Paper Airplane. Excellent Games To Entertain Inside Home

Many of the paper airplanes flying you do will be inside home, at home. Indoor flying has some major advantages – no wind to carry off your plane or send it crashing to the ground. No precipitation to change it into a soggy wreck. No sunlight to get in your eyes. No trees or bushes to swallow down your airplane in the branches. And Inside Home game is great for paper airplane contests because it balances everyone flies under the equal considerations. (For more on paper airplane contests, see my web page But indoor flying also has a few problems, namely walls and ceilings, not to mention furniture, to crash into. The thing to do is to turn these drawbacks into benefits. Here are some games you can play that take advantage of the fact that you´re inside

Paper Plane Golf
This game is a lot like the real game of golf, but you play it indoors using your arm and a paper airplane rather than outside using gold clubs and a ball, and it doesn´t take nearly as long. You can play the game alone or with friends. We recommend using the Count, Slice, or Butterfly. Choose between three and nine landing spots (these will be your ´holes´), such as chairs, tables, and small rugs. They don´t all have to be within one throw of each other; in fact they don´t even have to be I the same room. In golf it´s normal to have to hit a few shots between holes, and in this game you can set it up so that some holes require at least three to five throws. If you want, number the ´holes´ with pieces of paper so you remember the order you´re supposed to go in. the object of the game is to land on all the spots using the fewest number of throws. If you set up a challenging and fun course, write down where all the holes are so you can play the course again and improve your ´golf´ game. This is an excellent game to play if you´re sick and have to stay in bed. It´s also fun if you´re sick and have to stay in bet. It´s also fun if you´re feeling lazy or watching TV. All you need is a paper airplane (almost any kind will do), about 15 feet of string or strong thread, and some tape. Tape the string to the pane near where you´d hold it to throw it. Then tie the other end of the string to your wrist. Choose or set up a target about 10 feet away from where you are and see how well you can land on it.

Catching A Plane
You´ll need two or more people and at least one airplane for this game. Any model will do, but we recommend the Butterfly, Slice, or Count. Start by standing close together, and then have each player take two big steps away from the others. Throw the plane back and forth as if it were a ball, with the players plucking it from the air. Try to grab the plane by the fuselage so it doesn´t get squished. After you´ve successfully thrown and caught the plane a few times, each player should take another between you is too great, or you bump into a wall or piece of furniture. Variation: once you get good at the game; try using as many planes as there are players so that everybody is throwing and catching at the same time.

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